Science Information NETwork, SINET, is an information and communication network built and operated by the National Institute of Informatics (NII) as scientific information infrastructure for universities and research institutions throughout Japan.

SINET6 has been in full-scale operation since April 2022.

Recent Use Cases

  • スーパコンピュータ「富岳」(取材時撮影)
    2021/06/15 The Role of SINET in the Management and Operation of the Supercomputer Fugaku and the HPCI Shared Storage System

    RIKEN Center for Computational Science (hereinafter “R-CCS”) manages and operates the world’s fastest supercom

  • fullmesh_cube
    2020/11/10 Uncompressed 8K Ultra-HD Video Transmission Experiment ―8K Ultra-HD Video Processing System ―

    Kanagawa Institute of Technology is conducting research into 8K Ultra-High Definition(8K UHD) video processing

  • NIG SuperComputer
    2013/11/14 A Computer Network Enabling an Increasing Volume of Data

    The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) at the Research Organization of Information and Systems, an inter-uni