SINET6 became in its fully operational state on 1st Apr. 2022.

Recent Use Cases

  • スーパコンピュータ「富岳」(取材時撮影)
    2021/06/15 The Role of SINET in the Management and Operation of the Supercomputer Fugaku and the HPCI Shared Storage System

    RIKEN Center for Computational Science (hereinafter “R-CCS”) manages and operates the world’s fastest supercom

  • fullmesh_cube
    2020/11/10 Uncompressed 8K Ultra-HD Video Transmission Experiment ―8K Ultra-HD Video Processing System ―

    Kanagawa Institute of Technology is conducting research into 8K Ultra-High Definition(8K UHD) video processing

  • NIG SuperComputer
    2013/11/14 A Computer Network Enabling an Increasing Volume of Data

    The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) at the Research Organization of Information and Systems, an inter-uni