The initial network for science information was launched in 1987 as a packet switching network. In 2022, SINET6 began operation.

Legend: Domestic International
Jan. 1987Packet Switching (X.25) Network Service
Jan. 1989Connection with US(National Science Foundation)
Feb. 1990Connection with UK(British Library)
Apr. 1990International E-Mail Service(CSNET/BITNET)
Oct. 1990Access Point Service
Feb. 1991Connection with a research network in the United Kingdom
Mar. 1991Construction of Packet Switching Network Service finished
Apr. 1992SINET: Internet backbone network service
Mar. 1993Dedicated Line to US (512k)
Sep. 1994ATM switched network service
Dec. 1994Construction of SINET (Internet backbone network service) finished
Mar. 1995New ATM switching systems introduced
Sep. 1995Dedicated line to Thailand (2M)
Oct. 1996Wide-area ATM switched network service
Nov. 1996Dedicated Line to UK (2M)
Sep. 1998Commerce interconnection open
Oct. 1999N-1 network operation closed
Jan. 2002Super-SINET operation started
Mar. 2002Packet Switching Network Service closed
Sep. 2002IPv6 Service started
Sep. 2002ATM Switched Network Service closed
Jan. 2003Dedicated Line to UK (150M) close
Nov. 2005Wide-area LAN connection service started / Connection service via B FLET’S service started
Jan. 2006Dedicated lines to Singapore (622M) and to Hong Kong (622M)
Mar. 2006Dedicated line to Thailand (44M) closed
Apr. 2007SINET3 operation started
Apr. 2007Dedicated Line to US speed upgrade (20G)
Dedicated Line to Asia speed upgrade (2.4G)
Apr. 2011SINET4 operation started
Apr. 2013Dedicated line to Asia speed upgrade (10G)
Mar. 2016Dedicated line to US speed upgrade (100G)
Dedicated line to Europe (20G)
Dedicated line to Asia (10G)
Apr. 2016SINET5 operation started
Dec. 2018WADCI Demonstration Testing started
Feb. 2019Dedicated Line to Europe speed upgrade(100G)
Mar. 2019Dedicated line to Europe speed upgrade (100G)
Dedicated line to Asia speed upgrade (100G)
Dedicated line from the U.S. West Coast to East Coast (100G)
Dedicated line from the U.S. East Coast to Europe (100G)
World’s first global 100 Gbps academic communication network
Nov. 2019Success in file transfer at 416 Gbps between Japan and the United States
Dec. 2019400 Gbps lines between Tokyo and Osaka put into practical use
Apr. 2022SINET6 operation started
Apr. 2024Dedicated line to Europe speed upgrade (400G)