legend: Domestic International
1987.01Packet Switching (X.25) Network Service
1989.01Connection with US(NSF)
1990.02Connection with UK(British Library)
1990.04International E-Mail Service(CSNET/BITNET)
1990.10Access Point Service
1992.04SINET: Internet Backbone Network Service
1993.03Dedicated Line to US (512k)
1994.09ATM Switched Network Service
1995.09Dedicated Line to Thailand (2M)
1996.11Dedicated Line to UK (2M)
1998.09Commerce interconnection open
2002.01Super-SINET operation start
2002.03Packet Switching Network Service close
2002.09IPv6 Service open
2002.09ATM Switched Network Service close
2003.01Dedicated Line to UK (150M) close
2006.01Dedicated Line to Singapore (622M)
Dedicated Line to Hong Kong (622M)
2006.03Dedicated Line to Thailand (44M) close
2007.04SINET3 operation start
2007.04Dedicated Line to US speed upgrade (20G)
Dedicated Line to Asia speed upgrade (2.4G)
2011.04SINET4 operation start
2013.04Dedicated Line to Asia speed upgrade (10G)
2016.03Dedicated Line to US speed upgrade (100G)
Dedicated Line to Europe (20G)
Dedicated Line to Asia (10G)
2016.04SINET5 operation start
2018.12WADCI Demonstration Testing start
2019.02Dedicated Line to Europe speed upgrade(100G)
2019.03Dedicated Line to Asia speed upgrade(100G)
Dedicated Line from the U.S.West Coast to East Coast(100G)
Dedicated Line from the U.S.East Coast to Europe(100G)
2022.04SINET6 operation start