SINET6 is interconnected with research and regional networks in Japan to facilitate the use of scientific information.
SINET6 also ensures communication with overseas scientific information networks to support international advanced research.
In addition, it links with the Asian region. That serves to construct an international network of scientific information.

Domestic Connectivity

SINET6 is connected to major domestic commercial IXes(JPIXJPNAP, BBIX, etc.), through which subscribers can communicate with domestic commercial ISPs without deploying another connection (although subscribers can do so if they wish). It’s also connected to other research networks (JGN, WIDE, APAN(APAN-JP), etc.) as well as some regional academic networks operated by national universities, to support collaborative research activities across networks.

International Connectivity

SINET6 supports communication with overseas scientific information networks to ensure the smooth distribution of research information, which is essential for advanced international research projects.

SINET is interconnected with many research networks overseas, including Internet2 in the U.S. and GÉANT in Europe.
In addition, we collaborate with Asi@Connect with the aim of exchanging scientific information and support to build international academic information networks in Asia.