Our Organization

NII is in charge of the overall management, operation and plan on SINET.

National Institute of Informatics (NII) is in charge of the overall management, operation and plan on SINET.

Outside Collaboration

NII is promoting the development of the SINET through cooperation with universities and other organizations.

We would like to inform ‘Organization for Science Network Operations and Coordination’ change from April 1, 2022. Details of the Organization will be posted later.

SINET Promotion Office


The SINET Promotion Office was established in October 2007 in order to promote the use of SINET. It provides consulting on the advanced use of the network, user support, and training and promotion regarding network services, and also carries out an educational campaign. If you experience any trouble or find something you do not understand, please contact us for assistance.


  • User consultation/response
    Consulting on the use of network services
  • Interviews/surveys on user requests
    Solicitation of comments and requests for SINET
  • Troubleshooting support of performance-related problems
    Support for network service usage problems and performance improvements
  • Technology promotion and educational campaign (lectures and technological exchanges)
    Presentations on using SINET, educational campaign, case examples of SINET promotion, creation of documentation, and publication of information on the Web.


Please check Contact information for more details.