Layer 2 (L2) On-demand

This service creates a quality assurance path equivalent to private lines between pre-registered two locations at any time.

Overview and features

  • Overall system
    • Users specify possible connection points, VLAN-IDs, start and end times, QoS, bandwidth and others on the L2 on-demand server to reserve a L2VPN/VPLS service.
    • The L2 on-demand server will set the L2VPN/VPLS path on the SINET router at the specified time to make it available at that time.
  • L2VPN (point-to-point connection) service
    • Provides connection between two points
    • Route
      Can be specified. Users can freely specify the route by selecting a number of routers involved in the connection between the start point and the end point.
      If the route is not specified, the traffic will take the shortest route.
    • QoS control
      A choice is basically given between best-effort (BE) low discard and BE high discard.
      Apart from these, QoS priority control setting by transfer class (AF class) is available. Users are asked to specify the bandwidth at that time.
      If the bandwidth is already reserved by another user, users may not be able to reserve their desired bandwidth.
  • VPLS (Multipoint-to-multipoint connection) service
    • Provides connection among more than two points.
    • Route
      Cannot be specified. Packets are transferred on the shortest route.
    • QoS control
      A choice is given between best-effort (BE) low discard and BE high discard.
    • Others
      User may add and delete connection points for a preset VPLS session.

Use cases

  • Used as a service between L2VPN/VPLS (fixed VPN) and the virtual university LAN service (connection between multiple sites using multiple VLANs):
    e.g. Addition of long-term VPN sessions as needed after prior registration of multiple connection points and with the approximate range of VLANs set at around 10
  • QoS control in the backbone section:
    e.g. QoS setting applied to the VPN to be prioritized when the bandwidth is insufficient in the backbone section
  • Route specification and use in tests:
    e.g. Definition of VPNs that differ in routes for connection between two points for increasing stability, use for different kinds of testing