The virtual private network (VPN) service provides a secure communication environment for creating a virtual organization on the network.

L3VPN provides a secure closed communication environment at the L3 level.

Overview and features

VPN Summary describes what is common between L3VPN and L2VPN.

  • It is an overlay network service that paves the way for constructing unique L3 networks through virtual routers on the SINET backbone.
  • TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6) protocols are supported.
  • Because virtual routers (PE routers) on SINET perform route controls at the L3 level, users can change the number of connection sites and routing addresses easily.
    This means that it is suited to the VPN configuration for joint research, especially among multiple SINET member institutions.
  • As routing protocols, static and BGP protocols in the IP dual service and RIP2 are supported.
  • The QoS option is available.
  • In the event of a broadcast storm or other failure, the SINET router will block it from spreading to the whole group.

Use cases

For use cases regarding the L3VPN service, refer to L3VPN Use Cases.