FY2018 2nd Round Applications for Demonstration Testing Using the SINET Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure

Accepted Applications and Themes

NII is seeking a wide range of research proposals across various fields to utilize WADCI in locations that have not been able to connect to SINET previously to collect research data, perform joint research with remote locations, conduct IoT-related research and so on. While examples of utilization are given in the application guidelines, do not consider those as limitation, and NII hopes to receive proposals for a wide range of uses.

Also note that NII plans to publish information on the themes and progress of demonstration testing as case studies of utilization on the SINET website and elsewhere to the extent that does not impede the demonstration testing itself.


(1) Researchers, etc. belonging to SINET member institutions
(2) Researchers, etc. belonging to an institutions eligible to join SINET

Demonstration Testing Period

Early December, 2018 (Planned) to March 31, 2020

Deadline for Proposal Submission

Friday, March 29, 2019
* Selection will take place continually. Applicants will be notified of results continually following a selection period of around two weeks from receipt of their application.

Data Processing Environment

Users (successful applicants) will be able to use a data processing environment under academic conditions in cooperation with private sector businesses. Note that it will be necessary to enter into contracts with such businesses.
* Details of the data processing environment will be posted and updated as they become available in the future.

List of cooperating businesses (as of December 27, 2018)

* Please check these materials for details of the data processing environments provided by each cooperating business (service name, service overview, image of service provision, conditions of service provision, contact details and so on).

Application Guidelines and Templates for Proposals, etc.

Application Guideline
Participation Proposal (Template 1)
Report on Findings (Template 2)


Q. In addition to outgoing communications from an IoT device to the data processing environment, etc., are incoming communications for controlling an IoT device and communications between different IoT devices possible?

A. Yes, this is possible. WADCI using the SINET VPN service and is designed to be used over a closed VPN within the group participating in the testing. Any communications can be performed within that VPN.

Q. How many SIM cards can be used?

A. There is no particular limit on the number of SIM cards that can be used. Please note the number of required SIM cards in the participation proposal. Also note that the fee for SIM cards will be charged. Please purchase the SIM cards from a communications operator designated by NII.

Q. How much detail should we go into regarding the planned use of data processing environments?

A. The plan is fine as it is, so it is fine to select only the pattern (university / commercial cloud / cooperating businesses) described in the essential terms, but it would be useful if you can specify it specifically or quantitatively. Especially in the case of using a cooperating businesses environment, it may be possible to expect the development of the contents to be provided in the future, so it would be appreciated if you could present specific wishes.

Q. The number of SIM cards and details regarding data communications volume to be used have not yet been determined. How should we write about this?

A. In the use of resources, it will respond flexibly to changes, so please describe the number of SIM cards / the volume to be used at the time of proposal.

Where to submit proposals and make inquiries

Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure Contact Person, Academic Infrastructure Division, National Institute of Informatics
e-mail: wadci[@]sinet.ad.jp TEL: 03-4212-2269