Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure Demonstration Testing

What is the SINET Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure?

The National Institute of Informatics (NII) operates the Science Information Network (SINET) as the academic information infrastructure for universities and other institutions across Japan. To support an even broader range of research activities in the future, NII is considering building a wide-area data collection infrastructure utilizing a mobile network as a new environment for SINET access, and functions as a SINET support.

NII has began accepting applications for demonstration testing utilizing the Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure (“WADCI”), a new service directly linking the Science Information Network, SINET5 with mobile communications. Through WADCI, researchers at SINET member institutions can attach a SIM card for SINET connection to observation equipment to collect data from the observation equipment, analyze the data in various data processing environments, and feed the findings back into their research in a one-stop process. As part of the demonstration testing, in addition to WADCI, it is possible to use a data processing environment under academic conditions through the support of private sector business operators. This allows various activities including environmental measurement, biological observation and disaster prevention monitoring to be implemented easily across a wide area, and is expected to broaden the scope of research activities.

Previous invitations for applications

In FY2018 and FY2020, NII conducted demonstration testing with aims that included evaluating the performance of this wide area data collection infrastructure.