Demonstration Testing of Mobile SINET

Information about demonstration testing using SINET and open invitation for applications

Open invitation for applications for 2022 demonstration testing of Mobile SINET

The National Institute of Informatics (NII) operates Science Information NETwork, SINET, as scientific information infrastructure for universities and other institutions across Japan.
To support an even broader range of research activities in the future, NII conducted two rounds of demonstration testing from FY2018 to FY2021, after constructing a Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure. It employed mobile networks as a new means for connecting to SINET.

In FY2022, it was renamed Mobile SINET. We conduct a next demonstration test incorporating 5G and other new services. The test is scheduled to take place over two years from FY2022 to FY2024.
We invite you to review the application guidelines and to submit your application.

For the application guidelines and the template for the participation proposal, please follow the link below.
FY2022 Demonstration Test Using Mobile SINET
* Selection will take place continually. Applicants will be notified of results following a selection period of around two weeks from receipt of their application.

SINETStream: Software Package Supporting Development of Wide-Area Data Collection and Analysis Programs

SINETStream is a software package that provides functions for securely collecting and analyzing data via a wide-area network without loss.
It aims to ensure that the development of programs for collecting, storing and analyzing data via the Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure will be easier with the use of the API provided by the package.

The latest version of the demonstration package for building an IoT system with SINETStream has recently been released. We hopes that this package will be of help in constructing data analysis environments using the Wide Area Data Collection Infrastructure.

To use this package, or for inquiries about this package, please follow the link below.
SINETStream website:

For inquiries on SINETStream:
Cloud Promotion Office, National Institute of Informatics
email: cld-office-support[@]

Invitation for applications for FY2021 mdx Utilization Project (portion to be accepted by the National Institute of Informatics)

The National Institute of Informatics jointly operates the Large-Scale Collaborative Platform to Accelerate Data-Driven Science and Society, “mdx” (

mdx is a cloud-type platform equipped with a high performance computer and a high capacity storage.
The National Institute of Informatics is now inviting applications for projects aimed at academic studies, education, technology development, social implementation and cross-disciplinary community building with the use of the services it provides, i.e. Mobile SINET and SINETStream, as well as the mdx platform.

For inquiries:
Academic Infrastructure Division, Cyber Science Infrastructure Development Department, National Institute of Informatics
e-mail: mdx-admin[@]

Previous invitations for applications