IP Dual(E)


The Role of SINET in the Management and Operation of the Supercomputer Fugaku and the HPCI Shared Storage System

RIKEN Center for Computational Science (hereinafter “R-CCS”) manages and operates the world’s fastest supercom

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NIG SuperComputer

A Computer Network Enabling an Increasing Volume of Data

The National Institute of Genetics (NIG) at the Research Organization of Information and Systems, an inter-uni

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A Ring of Solidarity with SINET4

Leading an upgrade of the intra-university infrastructure and regional computerization through the Morioka Data Center

Iwate University, a national university corporation, conducts education and research based on advanced informa

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SINET Used to Connect X-Ray Free Electron Laser Facility, SACLA, with K Computer

RIKEN and Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) opened an X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) fa

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Live Surgery Connected with Europe

Promoting International Telemedicine Using Academic Networks

The Telemedicine Development Center of Asia, Kyushu University Hospital, has been promoting international tele

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Federated authentication of academic visitors

Construction and operation of a web authentication system for a campus network (HINET2007)

At Hiroshima University’s Information Media Center (IMC), a web authentication system that uses UPKI initiativ

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Earth Simulator (ES2)

Connecting the Earth Simulator supercomputer to SINET

At the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), the Earth Simulator (one of the world’s

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Prototype random number generator board

Using SINET to provide computing resources and to facilitate a smooth campus relocation

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) is widely involved in cutting-edge research of statistical scie

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e-knowledge Consortium Shikoku

Developing the Human Resources to Build a Better Shikoku Based on the Collective Results of the ”Knowledge of Shikoku” Project

Kagawa University has set up the e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku with seven other universities in Shikoku. The

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High definition relay system 1

Use of HD Interactive Remote Lectures and IPv6 for Training in the Healthcare Information Field

The Yokohama National University Information Technology Service Center (ITSC), as one of the joint projects wi

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