Uncompressed 8K Ultra-HD Video Transmission Experiment ―8K Ultra-HD Video Processing System ―

Kanagawa Institute of Technology is conducting research into 8K Ultra-High Definition(8K UHD) video processing

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Schematic of the System between Utsunomiya University and Yokohama National University

An IT-BCP Mission-Critical System for Quick Restoration of University Operations

Two national university corporations, Utsunomiya University and Yokohama National University, are working toge

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Remote/Mutual Backup Schematic

Construction of a Remote Backup System Based on SINET L2VPN

Shizuoka University, a national university corporation, is working to construct a remote backup system that ca

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Kyo2 Cloud Center Operation

Kyoto University of Education operates the kyo2 Cloud Center, a cloud service that combines the SINET L2VPN se

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Overview of Tsukuba Campus Network

Connecting the Tsukuba campus and Tokyo campus with a layer 2 VPN

The Academic Computing & Communications Center (ACCC) at the University of Tsukuba has used a SINET3 netwo

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Earth Simulator (ES2)

Connecting the Earth Simulator supercomputer to SINET

At the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), the Earth Simulator (one of the world’s

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Prototype random number generator board

Using SINET to provide computing resources and to facilitate a smooth campus relocation

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) is widely involved in cutting-edge research of statistical scie

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The VERA Project: Mapping our galaxy in 3D-kinematics

Astrophysics group in Kagoshima University is currently cooperating with the VERA project, which is a joint pr

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Real-time ground motion monitor

Building and Operation of the Japan Data Exchange Network (JDXnet) for Earthquake Observation Data

JDXnet, the Japan Data Exchange Network for earthquake observation data, is a joint project of the University

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Large Helical Device (LHD)

Nuclear Fusion Research for a Clean Future Energy

The National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) is building a network-based virtual laboratory system for nuc

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